stacey abrams wants a fair fight 2020

August 14, 2019
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Many of us were excited by the prospect of Stacey Abrams running for President. While Abrams has officially announced that she will not be running, the dream of a White House with her presence remains. Abrams is willing to be number two to “any nominee” who will have her. Vice President Abrams has a nice ring to it. 

Instead of campaigning for the presidency, Abram’s has found a different use of her time: eliminating voter suppression. She, as we all should, anticipates that the RNC will try to intimidate minority voters. She is coming prepared for this situation with a program called Fair Fight 2020.

The Georgia Democrat explained to the New York Times, “I’ve been thinking about this for the last few weeks, and I’ve just come to the decision that my best value add, the strongest contribution I can give to this primary, would be to make sure our nominee is coming into an environment where there’s strong voter protections in place.”

So how exactly will Abrams work to protect voters?

Fair Fight 2020 will enfranchise voters in 20 different states. This will be much needed especially because, as Abrams told Rachel Maddow last Tuesday, “For the first time since 1981, the RNC will be allowed to cheat and lie and go into polling places and scare voters, particularly voters of color.” This is possible due to the lifting of the consent decree placed in ’81 to, in Abrams’ words, “keep Republicans from intimidating voters by having off-duty officers tell people that they are monitoring their votes.” Trash. 

This program was born as a reaction to Abrams’ own 2018 election for governor of Georgia, where she garnered 1,923,685 votes but lost to the Republican candidate, Brian Kemp, who received 1,978,408 votes. Abrams did not concede, claiming she won, but only losing due to the gross mismanagement of the election with too many voting irregularities by the state. (Conveniently, it was Kemp, then Georgia secretary of state, who oversaw the election laws.) She continues to explain in her description of Fair Fight 2020, “The facts and faces of voters from the 2018 election in Georgia convey the insidious design and pervasive impact of voter suppression”.

 Get involved with Fair Fight 2020! Let’s give ourselves the best chance possible to win.