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sahar habibi: an afropunk dj mix

August 23, 2019

Count Sahar Habibi as yet another of the outstanding young DJ/selectors keeping the Soulection crew, their podcast mixes and Beats 1 radio show, so far ahead of the competition. Like her record-playing cohorts, the Chicago resident prefers a very specific kind of thick, late-night beat, one that incorporates the rhythms of the entire Black Atlantic (dancehall and afrobeats and R&B and hip-hop), and makes for a slow, grinding sort of party vibe. Sound like fun? If you’re at AFROPUNK Brooklyn this weekend, you’ll have two different opportunities to check for Sahar’s groove — at the festival’s Red Stage on Saturday the 24th, and at the very special AFROPUNK After Dark party Soulection is throwing at Public Records.

But if you can’t make either, you dig into this great short set that Sahar Habibi recorded for us, to celebrate her appearance at AFROPUNK Brooklyn, and you can read a little bit about how Sahar got her mix on. Follow her space!

Can you identify some of the music on the mix?

This mix has a lot of upbeat flavor to it. It showcases the dancehall sound that’s been heavy in rotation

How did you first get into DJing, and who are some of your DJing influences?

I always wanted to learn how to DJ, but never had a mentor to teach me the ways. I picked up an ‘Intro to DJing’ class when i was a junior in college. My dad also (ironically) got me a DJ controller around the same time.

Since before I was even a part of it, Soulection had a big impact on my DJing influences. Everyone has a different style of DJing — from their equipment, to their techniques, to their music selections — and that all together has a huge influence on me.

What are you most looking forward to at AFROPUNK Brooklyn?

On top of all the acts who are performing this year, I’m really looking forward to seeing all the beautiful people, and their energy. I can’t wait to see everyone dancing, and having a good time. Not to mention, all of their outfits! There’s so much swag at that festival, it’s overwhelming LOL!

What does the phrase “We see You” mean to you?

A big gas up compliment, LOL. It’s being able to show love for a person for who they are, being able to recognize and appreciate one another.

Catch Sahar Habibi at AFROPUNK Brooklyn on August 24th, and at Soulection’s AFROPUNK After Dark after-party.