Erin White


we like bad bitches who be ragin’… enter rico nasty

August 25, 2019
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I’ve been dreaming of Rico Nasty for the better part of the year. Tearing up the pit while with my girls while Rico screams into the mic, ears bleeding. You know, that kinda shit. And that’s the shit that I got Saturday afternoon at the Gold Stage, when the Taco Bella trotted out like a bolt on energy to the eponymous, “Bitch, I’m Nasty.” Fusing cheeky lyricism with colorful imagery, whimsical soundscapes, and unrelenting bass, Rico Nasty has made herself the queen of the alternative rap scene. Embracing silliness, but delivering it like a savage, she’s the bad bitch you want in your corner and the whole crowd was loving it. With not nearly enough time on stage, the New York City-born/Maryland-bred artist ripped through already-classics like “Countin’ Up,” “Guap (LaLaLa),” “Sandy,” and “Key Lime OG,” before turning all the way the fuck up with “Smack A Bitch” and “Rage.” But not before demanding the crowd to open up a all-femme mosh pit. Yeah, that happened.