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humanity’s darkest impulses unleashed in ‘resonant’

August 1, 2019

A terrifying world of horror, Resonant drops readers into a world devastated by an affliction which causes humanity to lose all control of their impulses and animalistic urges.

A decade has passed since the first waves stripped away humanity’s impulse control and since then communities have digressed back into smaller townships built on intense fear and oppressive fanaticism. With three children, two of which are chronically ill and disabled, Paxton must prepare for the next Wave. Venturing into the world to gather supplies to help his family survive, he arms himself with “chirpers” that detect imminent Waves and his desperate faith. It isn’t long before Paxton comes face to face with the realization of how incredibly dangerous this plan may have been. Basically, it’s like Bird Box on steroids.

Written by David Andry, chapter 1 of Resonant is available now through Vault Comics.

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