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openly lesbian latinx superheroine to get marvel series

August 30, 2019
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Two years ago we wrote about Miss America Chavez, and her debut solo comic series, “America.’ A Latinx gay immigrant superheroine and former member of the short-lived New Teen Brigade, the Young Avengers, and the Ultimates, Chavez first made her appearance in 2011 in Vengeance #1. Endowed with super-strength, speed, flight, impenetrability, and the ability to open portals into different realities and dimensions, this powerful woman is much-loved by fans for being one of the first truly intersectional Marvel heroes as a brilliant, out lesbian.

And, now, the word is that two teams at Marvel are considering the franchise for cinematic and or streaming features, most likely for Disney+. Although just a rumor, for now, it’s hard to imagine that Disney doesn’t see the potential in expanding the world of America Chavez, like they’ve been able to do with Myles Morales.