jpegmafia’s teases with “jesus forgive me, i am a thot”

August 13, 2019
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FUCK YEAH NEW JPEGMAFIA! It’s been over a year since Peggy dropped his masterful mission statement Veteran, and over the past few weeks he’s been teasing a new “disappointment” on Twitter. His latest single dropped today, and it’s anything but a disappointment. Shifting full speed between glitched-out noise and chill vibes, JPEGMAFIA indulges in the full extremes of his sound. There’s a hint of the aggression that’s defined his work, teased from the start, but only peaking out briefly beneath the silk beats. Elsewhere, he throws out endlessly quotable lines like candy. All that in under three minutes.

If you’re not yet one of Peggy’s acolytes, “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot” offers a class in everything that makes him shine. For the rest of us: the video teases “THE DISSAPOINTMENT CUMS SOON.” I’ve never been so anxious to be disappointed.