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fbi identifies black activists as greater threat than white supremacists, al qaeda

August 16, 2019
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Surprise, not a surprise, the FBI has spent years targeting Black activists rather than the people shooting up the country — white supremacists. According to newly leaked documents obtained by The Young Turks, the FBI under President Trump’s leadership has been prioritizing “Black Identity Extremists,” “anti-authority” extremists, and “animal rights/environmental extremists,” while throwing much fewer resources at the populations that endanger our society. While, since 2017, “Black Identity Extremists” have been on the FBI’s counterterrorism radar. In 2018, they are listed as a “priority domestic terrorism target,” with its own program in place to counteract any alleged threat. In these documents, though, the FBI presents possible concerns about violent Black extremist attacks, but do not cite any specific examples. This is contrary to the many instances and perpetrators they’ve identified for what they consider to be lesser threats: white supremacists and Al Qaeda.

If that wasn’t negligent and inflammatory enough, the FBI’s new term “Racially Motivated Extremism,” as coined in 2019 defines this group to “generally include White Racially Motivated Extremism, previously referred to as White Supremacy Extremism, and Black Racially Motivated Extremism, previously referred to as Black Identity Extremism,” the FBI document states. Aight.

Despite the rise of white people shooting up public spaces because they hate other types of people, the FBI has classified white supremacists as a “medium threat” before they rolled the terms altogether. Which sure feels a lot like white supremacy in action.