brittany howard’s “stay high” is an ode to small town life

August 12, 2019

Indie rock superstar (is that a contradiction? Don’t care.) Brittany Howard and the universally loved Terry Crews teaming up is a match made in heaven. The latest single from the Alabama Shakes singer’s forthcoming solo record is a heartfelt tribute to her late father, and an ode to small town life. With a driving soul shuffle and an absolutely infectious toy piano hook, Howard’s inimitable vocals soar above “Stay High.”

The song is at once mournful, nostalgic, and hopeful; an ode to the folks in the small Alabama town where Howard grew up. She sings “’Cause where I come from everybody frowns and walks around with that ugly thing on their face / And where I come from we work hard and grind and hustle all day,” but “There comes a time at night where we get to play.” The video, featuring Terry Crews as a man running through his daily business from work to errands, then back to his family, is full of the tiny details that make life worth living. He plays the role with his trademark unadorned warmth, finding joy in all the small moments. “Stay High” is one of those videos that doesn’t just give the song a little context, it gives the song life.

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