'Hair Love'

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animated ‘hair love’ short showcasing black daddy-daughter love out this weekend

August 15, 2019
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Few things are more precious than a Black daddy and daughter duo! Especially when papa got them edges laid, which is what Matthew A. Cherry celebrates and uplifts with his new book and short film, Hair Love. Set to appear in theaters across the country ahead of The Angry Birds 2 movie, out this weekend, the film aims to showcase this unique bond and what it looks like for a father to take on such a tender role. A collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation, the film features Issa Rae as the voice of the young girl’s mother and is produced by concept creator Matthew A. Cherry, Karen Rupert Toliver, Stacey Newton, Monica A. Young and Lion Forge Animation’s David Steward II and Carl Reed. To top it all off, Peter Ramsey (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and Frank Abney (animator, Toy Story 4) are attached to the film as executive producers.

“This literally started with an idea through Kickstarter and for it to be a New York Times best-selling book and now about to be in theaters across the country is pretty crazy,” Cherry tells HelloBeautiful. “It’s definitely surreal. I just really hope that it inspires other creators. Sometimes I think we waste so much time reaching out to people thinking that they have to help us with our ideas and help move them forward and sometimes all you have to do is put it out there and take that risk and bet on yourself and trust that you can raise the money yourself and get the idea to other like-minded creatives that will be able to help you with it and bring it to market.”

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