afropunk brooklyn soldier of the day: kem uweh

August 19, 2019

AFROPUNK ARMY is the central hub for volunteering, social justice, awareness and action. AP ARMY acts as a catalyst for social movements and organizations tackling critical issues dismantling our communities globally.

Name: Kimberly (Kem) Uweh
Age: 29
Pronoun: They/them/their
City: Washington
3 Hashtags That Describe You: #MyHeartIsAtPeace, #AdventurerAndLover, and #NoLimits!
Name one of your hidden talents or secret skills that no one would ever guess you had? I am a ceramics sculptor.
What does AFROPUNK mean to you? A progressive unapologetic means of expressing the multifaceted range of African American music and art.
What does #WESEEYOU mean to you? You are acknowledged.
What was your last revolutionary act? Helping someone get their prescription benefits.
What or who do you fight for? Why? I am committed to helping people and organizers heal the general population through art, love, and science.
When Mercury is in reggaeton, how do you protect your peace? Calm breathing, meditation, and not engaging in negative energy.
What does being unapologetically Black mean to you? Self-acceptance, regardless of external factors.
Describe your journey with AFROPUNK. How have you used AP as a microphone for your passions, interests and/or service? My journey with AFROPUNK started in 2016, when I entered my 4th year of my doctoral program and decided to travel from Denver, CO, to Brooklyn to volunteer. Art and music have always played integral roles in my personal life. Now, as a scientist, I am reaching an intersection where I can combine the healing powers of art and music in science. AFROPUNK played a major part in me connecting my passions of art, music, and science and I will be eternally grateful for this.
When do you feel the most visible? Everywhere, because I smile all the time.
Who is your favorite woman in herstory — past or present? Simon de Beauvoir.
What does having access/a seat at the table mean to you? Being in a position to meet and partner with stakeholders to streamline projects that serve our clients.
If you could have a conversation with any Black figure, who would it be and why? Mansa Musa. I have always admired that though wealthy, he brought heaps of people with him on his pilgrimage to Mecca in gratitude of his blessings.
How has art helped you heal? Some people use art as an outlet, but for me it balances my life.
What does a safer space look like to you? Peace of mind.