afropunk bk: the art of dizmology

August 22, 2019
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Dizmology is the name of Miguel Ovalle’s creative workshop. Miguel is a painter, conceptualist and designer born in Miami, who has been creating murals, installations and clothes for about 15 years. Under heavy influence of hip-hop and graffiti, the time he spent living and working in Japan, and his love of both punk design and afrofuturist aesthetic, Dizmology has previously exhibited at AFROPUNK Paris. His work is as likely to be restricted to a wall as not — many of his pieces are 3D, jumping off the painted surfaces into the observer’s space. In 2019, Miguel is making his AFROPUNK Brooklyn debut, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce his work to our American fam. If you’re coming to Commodore Barry Park, check for Miguel’s Dizmology mural on-site. It’s gonna be a bomb. Follow Miguel’s work @dizmology

Miguel Ovalle