afropunk bk: the art of don rimx

August 22, 2019
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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, David “Don Rimx” Sepulveda moved to New York City a decade ago as a talented, young creative person, and began his rise in the public consciousness at the intersection of mural painters and community artists. Don Rimx is now venerated among the mural artists throughout the U.S. and beyond, having participated in public art projects in Europe and South America, not to mention in both his original and adopted homelands. And best of all, his work isn’t on some developer-paid gentrification shizzz, but a response to issues of neighborhoods, communities, and countries where Don Rimx posts up. We are beyond proud to be bringing Don Rimx to do a live mural painting at Commodore Barry Park during AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2019. Seek his piece out — you’ll be glad you did. And follow @DonRimx on Instagram.

Don RimX, “Olor a Azucenas el Perfume del Barrio” (Brooklyn 2019)

Don RimX, “Unifying Eternities” (Hollywood High School 2018)

Don RimX, “Nelson Mandela” (Boston 2017)