“open your mind!” invites fishbone’s angelo moore

July 26, 2019
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In his 40 years on the scene, Fishbone‘s Angelo Moore has had two basic mission statements in life: to spread a little joy in a fucked up world, and to call out the things that are making it fucked up in the first place. His musical side project Brand New Step is often the repository for Angelo to be his “most Angelo.” So it’s no surprise that on his latest single, the eminently joyful “open your mind!,” he blends the two with raucous precision. Few people take joy so seriously.

The trip-hop-inflected song, and it’s surreal video, are an invitation to find the positive in the world. As Angelo says, “This new single is all about perspective. There are endless ways to look at all things and we should always be working to adjust that perspective towards the positive. Choose how you look at things, and as a result, ‘make it rain love,’ as we say in the song.”