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tassia reis releases album full of sweetness and empowerment

June 22, 2019
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With sweetness in her voice and really powerful lyrics, Brazilian singer-songwriter Tássia Reis enchants us with every sound she casts. And now it’s time for “Próspera” (Prosper), her brand new album that is available now.

Her third studio work is comprised of 16 tracks — 13 tracks and 3 interludes — including special guest appearances by Fabric, Monna Brutal, Froid, Preta Ary, and Melvin Santhana, new Brazilian talents that bring different styles and flows for Tassias’s new album.

The album already has a music video for two tracks. “Pode me Perdoar” a song about self-care and acceptance and the neo-soul “Assiejazz.”

This amazing album talks about moving forward, progressing and valuing a more delicate look at life, like self-care. “This album came out of the need to believe that we can be better than we are now and thrive in every way: personal, loving, spiritual and also financial,” the rapper explains. “It’s about evolution and balance so that all these parts of our lives to grow together and strengthened. To do this, it is necessary to leave aside all that is bad, to mature, to flourish and to run after our happiness. This is the message: look at you, your well-being, your family, your ancestry. That’s what I’m looking for”, she points out.

Besides self-care, chauvinism and racism are very present in the tracks of her new album and Tássia Reis rhymes about how it is to be a target of these oppressions (for being a Black woman and a rapper), but never lowering her head.

“Art and music have the power to provoke reflections. And I like to talk about how society treats Black women and show how Black women are conquering the world and breaking paradigms,” explaining her evoking the thoughts of the powerful Angela Davis who says that when the Black woman moves, the whole structure of society moves with her, because everything is destabilized from the base of the social pyramid where Black women find themselves.

With every beat, every verse, every rhyme, Tássia transforms her words into poetry and her poetry into music. In Brazil, the premiere shows of this project are scheduled for August. For Europe, a tour is already set and will begin at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Walthamstow Garden Party (London), Sfinks Festival (Belgium) and Les Escales (France).

Let’s wait for this incredible rap to arrive on American soil for a performance.