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we stan trap gardening queen freedella dé vil

June 5, 2019
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Yoooooo! Good-fucking-night to Freedella Dé Vil aka DJ Freedem, the trap gardener. Funnier than he has any damn right to be, Freedella is the Queen of cramped New York apartment horticulture and wants you to step your gardening game. Through a hilarious vlog, Freedella serves up practical tips any budding plant parent needs to ensure a lush, lively personal garden can grow. Not only is gardening a therapeutic activity, living amongst the greenery can help battle depression and make for a more tranquil environment. Instead of fingering your boyfriend….finger you soil!

Not interested in beautifying your environment? Is killing ya man at the top of your agenda? Freedella got the plants for you!

Do you like in an unseasoned Caucasian home and need to spice up ya surroundings? Freedella got some shit for you. Wanna cure your man of his man-nonsense? We got that too.


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