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expiring romance and quinton brock’s “rush for love”

June 11, 2019
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Love can be paradoxical. Sometimes — even in midst of a passionate embrace — we’re nagged by the feeling that a beautiful new relationship will, in fact, be a fleeting thing.

On “Rush For Love,” Brooklyn by-way-of Buffalo’s Quinton Brock sings about the ephemeral nature of young romance: “We both have loved/We both have lost/Faith, my love/So here we stand/ Hand in hand/Hoping that this/New romance will last.” There’s regret in Brock’s voice, as bassist Jerry Livingston (once of Rick James’s Stone City Band) and Julliard-trained trombonist Brendan Lanighan provide the wistful accompaniment. “I wrote the song when I first started dating my now ex-girlfriend,” Brock says. “It’s funny how we often know when things aren’t right in the beginning.”

“Rush For Love” is the first song he wrote for his upcoming solo LP, Scooter., and sets the mood for the revelatory tone of the project.

Scooter. is dropping on June 21 on Astro Nautico and features guest appearances from “Pink Siifu, L’Rain, Anna Wise