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huey & grandad get makeovers ahead of ‘the boondocks’ new season

June 27, 2019
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At the risk of setting ourselves up for total disappointment, this latest reboot of The Boondocks is coming along real nice. Since actor John Witherspoon spilled the beans about being in pre-production on a new season, we got the news that the show’s creator was on-board after a two-season absence. Considered by fans to be the lesser seasons of the show’s run, McGruder’s involvement increases the potential for a dope-ass season.

This week, The Boondocks fans were given a sneak peek at the developing series with a glimpse at Grandad’s new design! Posted by the official @boondocksbootleg Instagram account, we can see Grandad is getting a sleek new makeover! Huey’s re-design was revealed earlier as well.

What do y’all think?!