bob vylan’s ‘lynch your leaders’ is pure fire

June 14, 2019
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London’s Bob Vylan is one of the most exciting new bands to hit the punk scene in recent years. The duo of Bobby on vocals and production, Bobbie on drums walks a tight line between punk and grime, heavily aggressive and unapologetic. It’s the kind of music that resounds like a brick through a window.

The duo’s latest single Lynch Your Leaders showcases two radical takes on the same call to overthrow the seats of power. First a stripped down, straight-ahead punk rock track produced by the band itself. It’s aggressive, raw, and powerful in all the right ways. If that version is an anarchy “A” in a circle, spray-painted on the wall of a building, then the grime version on the flipside, produced by LSN, is an essay by Kropotkin. (Wheat-pasted. To the same wall.) Expanding on the revolutionary declaration, it’s an absolute assault on the notion of a nation that seeks to marginalize and eliminate anyone who doesn’t fit into its self-image of being white, straight, and Christian. It is pure fire.

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