"What If" directed by Renée Rodenkirchen


amber mark embraces destiny in the sultry “what if”

June 7, 2019

Amber Mark’s “What If” is a sultry, downtempo joint produced by Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman that envelopes you in its velvety soft melody. An all-encompassing love song about how events might have unfolded under different circumstances. Through soaring vocals and relatable lyrics, the New York-based singer/songwriter waxes poetic about the chances of love lasting and the events that led her to that special someone. It’s classic Amber Marks, in the best way, with neo-soul-minded musicality that’s seamlessly infused with vintage soul influence.

“[“What If”] is like my baby. I love that song. I’ve been working on it for two years now,” Mark told the Grammys. “So I’m glad it’s finally out …We were working on the visual for that, and I’ve just been rehearsing like non-stop for this show. I’ve never like done choreographed dance before. So it was a lot of that. It just was a lot of me dancing and rehearsing with the band and visual shooting and all of that stuff.”

Fresh off the release of April’s “Mixer,” Mark seems to be gearing up for the release of a follow-up album to last year’s Conexão EP, along with it another emotional excavation that celebrates love. Can’t wait to hear it.