video premiere: red robyn rises from “the pits”

May 10, 2019
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“The Pits” is the first official music video from AFROPUNK Joburg 2018 Battle of the Bands winner Red Robyn, and it is a gorgeously somber affair, filled with stark shots and broken feelings. It’s also a beautiful introduction to the young songwriter from The Bluff in suburban Durban who makes fragile music that she has said is meant for “the dreamers” — even if “The Pits” does document a moment when dreams may be receding.

In the song and the video, Red Robyn plays the part of the doomed romantic, wandering train tracks and an industrial, suburban landscape, looking to escape from the heartbroken self. It is only on the chorus that her tenor rises to confront the lovelorn tragedy — as she pleads with her lover to “give it your best shot, baby” — and the moment rises above youthful tragedy. But when it does, “The Pits” rings with the immense hope of someone who believes they may be at the beginning of something big.

And considering where we saw Red Robyn come from, and where we saw her go — the main stage at AFROPUNK Joburg — that sentiment rings incredibly true. Sometimes in life, people really do win.

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