tyler the creator’s ‘igor’ is a springtime dream

May 17, 2019
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Through a sea of under the table Shazams I see my co-workers dance in their seats. There is one reason for this: IGOR is here and it’s blasting in the office.

For a lot of us this is our second listen, the first being this morning on our commute. Before the distractions, before the chaos, before speaking to each other about Tyler’s latest creation, we sat with it ourselves, as instructed. 


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Before the album came the visuals. First, copies of Tyler dressed in yellow over a song we now know as “IGOR’S THEME.” The casually energetic song works as the perfect launch into world of IGOR; uniquely Tyler with warped vocals, sudden sounds intertwined with moments of deep softness. 


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I can’t remember where or when but I do remember reading Tyler’s words about a song on his last album where he said how excited he was to have made a song people dance to in the club. Well, Tyler, you’ve successfully added many more songs to that collection with this new record. Deeply emotional tunes married to sunny sounds makes this a perfect album for New York in the summertime, which is where I’ll be listening to it.

Tyler’s music is not judgmental and derived from feeling which allows listeners like me and you to speak about it from the heart. He is a layered multidisciplinary artist and continues to be an innovative force. Please come play at every single AFROPUNK festival  this year, my birthday party, my graduation, everything. I have to go now, the album’s starting over.