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sza: sephora called security to ‘make sure i wasn’t stealing’

May 1, 2019
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No matter how rich and famous someone gets, anti-Blackness cannot be transcended. As our homegirl SZA found out yesterday while visiting a Calabasas Sephora store. According to a tweet the CTRL singer posted last night, security was called, presumably by an employee, to “make sure I wasn’t stealing.” Calling out the presumed employee as “Sandy Sephora,” SZA dropped their store number and said “We had a long talk. U have a blessed day Sandy.”

Society loves to remind Black people that all we are is the sum of stereotypes implied by our skin color. Think of all the times someone like Oprah has reported being mistreated in luxury retail spaces when sales associates assumed she couldn’t afford their wares. This is so trademark of how anti-Blackness impacts the ways in which we’re allowed to operate in the world on a day-to-day practical level. It’s ugly as hell and it sucks SZA had to go through that.