Randi Steinberger


premiere: sunny war transcends pain on “shell”

May 8, 2019
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Sunny War’s music is the ultimate soundtrack to healing. The delicately finger picked guitar cuts against the trauma and pain in the lyrics as if she’s trying to manifest a state of mental and emotional stability through melody alone. And listening to her latest, the rhapsodic “Shell,” it works too. Accompanied by sumptuous visuals by Florencia P. Marano, the new single transforms heartbreak into a defiant summoning of hope.

Sunny tells us “‘Shell’ came along very easily. It’s about how we influence each other and make each other evolve into sometimes something very ugly and broken. I feel like I’m just a shell of a girl at this point because I’ve been hurt so much by people who said they loved me. I am now too damaged and have a lot of healing to do before I can ever try to love or be loved again. That’s why I say in the song “by the time you realize you we’re wrong, you’ll find the girl you knew is gone.”

“Shell” is off Sunny War’s forthcoming¬†Shell of a Girl, out on August 23rd.