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#stopthebans: fight back against anti-abortion extremists

May 21, 2019
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All across the country, Republican legislators are taking aim at Roe v. Wade with sneaky, despicable bills. In places like Georgia and Alabama, lawmakers have all but outlawed abortion access, entirely criminalizing both women and the medical professionals who care for them. Today is Planned Parenthood’s National Day of Action to take aim at stopping the extreme abortion bans and liberate everyone with a uterus to make their own choices.

Here are some major points you need to know to get involved.

First, you need to find the events that are taking place around your city. Help channel your rage by organizing.

Next, sign this later to extremist lawmakers to tell them that you are coming for their bullshit legislation and if they don’t fight for your rights, you’re coming for their political seats as well. No abortion nans now or ever.

Third, take to social media using the hashtag #StopTheBans. The louder our voices, the less able they are to silence us.

Next, Join Planned Parenthood online to help grow its online community. Even if you can’t attend an event in person, your voice still matters.

Lastly, if you can afford it: donate to Planned Parenthood to help them fight back against these abusive, hateful bills so we can win back out freedom.