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‘rise and shine’: wake up to a world ruled by people of color

May 8, 2019
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Yo, imagine a world where Black and non-Black POC inherently win?

Maynard, an analyst at a tech startup, has failed to stand out at the company despite hard work and his best efforts. Overlooked and underpaid, what happens when the appearance of a second sun emerges and changes society as we know it? In Rise and Shine, this second sun ushers in a new era in which white folks are forced underground when their skin cannot withstand the light rays. With white supremacy out of the way, Maynard and his friends re-emerge in a world where they’re actually valued.

Life isn’t all peaches and cream, though, and the new world presents its own set of challenges and demands that demand each character to evolve into something more. Something better. Thrust into a position of leadership, the previously indecisive and scared Maynard is transformed from zero to hero.

The web series is scheduling to begin production on the pilot episode and if you’re excited to see it come to fruition, check out the creator’s Kickstarter, here.