Mel D. Cole

We See You

manifesto 2019: #afropunkweseeyou

May 14, 2019
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There is power in acknowledgment, a recognition and acceptance that begins with seeing.

Not at a glance, but with a meaningful gaze, a focus that carries the strength required to build a shared global future and a brave new world. Our courage is already immortal.

Absorbing the soulfulness of your existence is an act that’s as natural as breathing, yet one too often distorted by perverse colonial visions. Our presence is their terror.

Of course, your beauty, individuality and wonder was never truly hidden. The world has simply chosen to go willfully blind.

Knowledge and experience does not compensate for the need to perceive more clearly, engage more locally, listen more closely.

Seeing is believing. Seeing is understanding. Seeing is supporting.
We, the people, see you.
We see you.