Photo by Julian Cousins


denzel curry delivers album of the summer with ‘zuu’

May 31, 2019
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As promised, our boy Denzel Curry is out with his new album Zuu and it’s hard AF. Stacked 12 tracks deep, Zuu is an instant summertime playlist staple, thanks to those irresistible trap beats. Just a haaair more hip hop-minded than his previous releases, Zuu is almost a crossover album with its heavy rap leanings and the noticeable absence of Curry’s signature rock influences. Which isn’t a bad thing, if anything it shows off Curry’s impressive versatility and technical ability as a rapper. Did I mention that he freestyled the whole joint? Yeah. He did that shit.

Every single production is fucking TURNT. And more than that, it’s a love letter to the south Florida sounds of his childhood, the people close to him, and the community that holds him down. “This is some real Miami stuff,” Curry says. ”You can tell from the intro all the way down: it goes from the sounds of where I grew up, to what I was raised around, to the people I was raised around, to the sounds that pretty much shaped the person I am. And then eventually, when you get to the last track, it’s the sounds that we do now.”

Turning his apparent homesickness into a love letter that goes hard for the people and places that made him who he is, Zuu is a gift to them and to all of us.