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black mirror? our bodies (and minds) are ready

May 15, 2019
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It’s coming! Netflix just released the trailer for the fifth season of Black Mirror. Not much was revealed about plots, but it seems to deal with the common themes of the show: society, human consciousness, technology — and a non-twerking Miley Cyrus which we’re very grateful for. Not even the queen of appropriation will ruin this sci-fi trip for us.

Black Mirror’s new season only has three episodes which actually has us excited about what the format of the episodes will be. Will they be longer? Different times? Overlap in some wild way we can’t see coming until the last 10 minutes?

The series has gained a (bigger than) cult following because of the interesting ways it reconciles our modern world with a possible future that feels at once surreal, but probable. It leaves a more than creepy feeling underneath your skin, but the rollercoaster ride is so addictive, you have no choice but to continue to binge.

Luckily, all of these questions will be answered shortly since the fifth season comes to our very own black mirrors on June 5th. We can’t wait to see the stories about “the future we should have seen coming,” and for now check out the trailer below.