Arturo Gonzalez


aligns’ new “systems” is punk minimalism at its best

May 21, 2019
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The heart of ALIGNS‘ music has always been the live chemistry between singer/guitarist Jacques and drummer Mark. The minimalist take that the 2015 AFROPUNK Battle of the Band finalists bring to their punk rock works best when it’s stripped back to the bone, and all that is left is raw energy. So on the latest single and video, “Systems” from the standout Duology album they dropped in top of the year, Aligns keep it simple: A bare room, a wall of amps, a kit, and a visual playfulness that echoes the millions of tiny explosions in their music. What else do you need? This is the very heart and soul of punk rock. It’s less an invitation to a revolution than it is a reminder that you’re already part of one.

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