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April 26, 2019
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When The Internet takes a break from being a band, its fans have a lot to look forward to. Of course, if it was possible, we’d have an endless supply of music from the Los Angeles super-group. Naturally, them being human, they must rest, regroup, and live a life. But at the moment, we are being spoiled by these five individual creators, using their collective hiatus to work on solo projects.

Just yesterday Matt Martians dropped the first solo album of the group called The Last Party. The lead single, “Knock Knock,” created with producers Omar Apollo and Dreamboy Oscar. He also collaborates with bandmates Steve Lacy and Patrick Paige II, as well as friend and artist Mac DeMarco.


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Matt Martians – “The Last Party” Available now on all platforms!

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Ahh but it doesn’t end there! We got some visuals too, but not from Martian this time.  Last week, Syd and Leven Kali dropped the video to their 2018 banger, Do U Wrong. Thank you for doing us rightttt. 

And finally. Lacy has given us a big sign that his project is coming soon…


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