“no squares” documents chika’s rise to fame

April 12, 2019

And now, Chika will once again demonstrate that, among all of her immense talents, she plays the part of “spitter” like nobody’s business. If last April’s “Jesus Walks” freestyle did not already prove the Montgomery, Alabama-based rapper and songwriter has bars on bars on bars, and if 2017’s “bloom” EP did not show her to be not just “poetic” MC but full-blown poet and visionary storyteller, well…try “No Squares” on for size. Jane Chika Oranika’s new track and video may be less incendiary than the admonition of Kanye, but it does put the doubters on blast while outlining her road to stardom; and it also continues to stay personal, keeping friends close with just enough words to get by. “No squares in my circle” goes the magical chorus. Stay til the end, when her new, famous friends give her a baby goat.

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