latrell james drops another intellectual bop

April 16, 2019
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Boston rapper Latrell James’ latest track manages to be deep while remaining serene. It is what I call an intellectual bop, difficult to listen to without catching yourself dancing while remaining lyrically deep. A man of many talents, this song is self-produced by James himself. 

Since his debut project Twelve, James has most recently worked with Dreamville and has a history of collaborating with other prominent artists like J.I.D., Lil Dicky, and Cousin Stizz. James manages to talk about real world problems while remaining the positive artist his supporters love him for being. 

When we asked James to talk to us about the meaning of his first song of the year, he told us, “’Tracphone’ is about the effects of gentrification in areas I spent most of my life. I can barely recognize the street I grew up on. I wanted speak on how this is affecting me and everyone around me.”

This year’s theme at AFROPUNK is “We See You.” To James, this means: “’We see you’ is a term of endearment to me. It’s when you see the homies progressing and you hit them with the “we see you.” It’s to let them know we acknowledge the growth, keep going.”

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