cellist kelsey lu is an ethereal being in newest single “blood”

April 3, 2019

Making her first appearance of 2019, singer-songwriter darling Kelsey Lu is back with a new single called “Blood.” An entrancing, languid melody that breathes of springtime and the ethereal, it’s the namesake track off her forthcoming debut LP. And it’s a barebones experience. Stripped down of flashy gimmicks or intoxicating bass, “Blood” is captivating and lush. Lu’s operatic vocals soar on the track and are shrouded with a stunning string arrangement which makes for an invigorating soundscape that is so different from what most artists in the singer-songwriter scene are doing right now.

“Blood is a recognition of the Pain, the Horror and the Beauty of finding the ability to observe it all in order to move through it,” says Lu. “We live to die another day and in the end be hopeful of whatever there is to come or not come at all, and ultimately make love while doing it.”

See Kelsey Lu perform live this summer at AFROPUNK Brooklyn.