peggy’s on a roll! jpegmafia drops two new tracks

April 3, 2019

Peggy’s on a fucking roll right now! JPEGMAFIA‘s latest tracks find the prolific noise rapper in fine form, blending his trademark confrontational verses with production that balances the best of what he brings to the table. Both “The Who” and “How to Build a Relationship” are collaborations — with the vocalist, Eyas, and electronic producer, Flume, respectively — lending their talents to JPEGMAFIA’s everything-all-the-time vortex.

While “How to Build a Relationship” hails from Flume’s latest mixtape (the IDM-infected “Hi This Is Flume”), “The Who” is a castaway from last year’s much-loved Veteran. In a statement to Pitchfork, JPEGMAFIA explained “There’s an innocence to it that I hope is relatable to people. I made the beat naked.” Though I admit, I’ll forever shudder a little when I hear that sample of Navi telling me to listen. Nevertheless, these tracks have us hungry for a new JPEGMAFIA full-length, which is hopefully just around the bend.