Renata Raksha


more new flying lotus, now with extra purple

April 23, 2019
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Tell us you knew that the insane video of wolf children listening to David Lynch that Flying Lotus released last week wasn’t really a lead single? Following up on that slice of fantastic horror dementia, the Los Angeles artist born Steven Ellison drops two tracks that really do give a sense of what his long-awaited upcoming album, Flamagra, is really all about. And if you want to put a phrase on it, “electronic funk” isn’t a bad one.

First, there’s “Takashi,” a track co-written and performed with Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner and his drumming brother Ronald, keyboardist Brandon Coleman from Kamasi Washington’s band, and Tokyo-based soul synthesist, Syunsuke Ono. What begins as something sexy and deliberate soon picks up tempo and speeds up towards the land of many synthesizers, the bass pumping while a rolling church organ pushes the groove upward and onward. If you’ve ever heard the jams that Prince’s Revolution performed on the Purple Rain tour — this five minutes of magic isn’t far from there.

The other new FlyLo song, “Spontaneous,” also adds a layer of sexiness. It comes replete with a soulful vocal from the one and only Yukimi Nagano or Little Dragon, over a funky pop tune. It’s all coming together.

Flamagra, the new album from Flying Lotus, is on its way in late May.