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ava duvernay to open movie theater for l.a. creatives

April 18, 2019
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Ava DuVernay is the coolest and if her ambition wasn’t clear to you already, her plans for her distribution company ARRAY should tell you that she’s playing for keeps. According to IndieWire, ARRAY is on track to become a 50-seat theatre that will show works by local creatives in 2019. Located in a section of Los Angeles that is devoid of any indie theatres, DuVernay and ARRAY VP Tilane Jones got the idea for a theatre when they noticed larger chains had no interest in showcasing their movies.

“It’s about not only ownership but also access,” Jones said to Indiewire. “We are really trying to honor the theatrical tradition, so our audience has access to work[s] they may not see elsewhere, effectively changing the mindset of what they believe should or should not be on the big screen.”

ARRAY was launched at Sundance in 2010 as a company to specialize in producing films by women and people of color who might not otherwise find platforms for their work. So, it’s only natural that now when larger companies aren’t interested in telling diverse stories for us to create our own spaces. Shouts to Ava and Team ARRAY.