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tank and the bangas drop jazz-soaked single, “ants”

March 12, 2019
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Tank and the Bangas’ newest release “Ants” is jazz-flavored groove dotted with an infectious hip-hop flow. Leading with a free-associative flow, “Ants” is a poetic and lyrical ode to childhood. Growing up, watching cartoons, cereal and Pepper Ann. Singer Tarriona “Tank” Ball takes us on a ride through adolescence. Bursting with nostalgia and child-like wonder, we see the world through her eyes — like tiny ants. Full of warm energy, the production on this track is a departure from previous ones. There’s nothing muddled or disjointed about the modern jazz production from the clear instrumentation to Tank’s deliberate, excitable flow. It’s utterly delightful.

See Tank and the Bangas live at AFROPUNK Paris this summer.