fall into sunni colón’s etheral dreams

March 21, 2019

Ready for something new and refreshing?

Then sink your teeth into Nigerian-American Sunni Colón’s “PSICODELIC.” A burst of fresh air, the singer-songwriter seamlessly blends 70s funk, disco cool over ambient soul. A delicious kaleidoscope of ethereal sounds, “PSICODELIC” will help you escape the monotony of everyday life and fall in love with the dreaminess of Sunni’s imagination.

“I want people to find something that they can connect to, musically, that can enhance their mood,” says Sunni. “How can music be therapy? I spent time with Leon Ware before he passed (RIP), working on music, and one of our first conversations was about how certain chords can trigger certain emotions. That stuck with me forever. I know I’m a chords guy, and I know I gravitate towards certain songs during certain time periods. Musical therapy. The ‘psych’ in ‘psychedelic’ has to do with the psyche, obviously.”

So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in.