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roses gabor defies genre boundaries in her debut album

March 8, 2019

UK singer-songwriter Roses Gabor is distinguishing facts from fiction in her debut album. Fantasy & Facts is tender-hearted collection of 11 personal songs, the enveloping audio diary has been six years in the making and the wait, fans will rejoice, was well worth it. Intermixing soulful vocals with experimental bass-heavy funk beats and elements of synth-pop, each track offers a little something different. From the utterly intoxicating melodies on “Illusions” to the terribly danceable “Turkish Delight” all the way down to the intimate “Perfect Magnitude,” the British-Grenadian artist nurtures a well-rounded project of self-exploration. Demonstrating both range and imagination, “Fantasy & Facts” explores the boundaries of R&B by refusing to conform to traditional R&B sensibilities.

“Some of it is quite cinematic, some of it more melancholic,” Gabor says in an interview. “I just feel like to really take it in, you need to take a minute, close your eyes and just zone. Sometimes I listen to it, top to bottom in bed, and just think: ‘Wow. This really is a moment.’ I hope people can feel it how I do. To me, it’s really magical.”