Rob Fitzgerald


premiere: a b01’s “copper nebulas” is classic goth vibes

March 29, 2019
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We’re big fans of Taszlin Muerte over here. Whether with his main drag, BLXPLTN, collaborating with Dark Palaces, or his new solo project A B01, Tasz always has something new and unique up his sleeve. A B01 is a stark departure from the all-fury-all-the-time of BLXPLTN, but takes some of the industrial touches that have always been part of that band’s attack, and pushes them to the forefront.

Divided into chapters, “Chapter 2 – Copper Nebulas,” is a gothic affair, with multi-timbral vocals rising up from the bottom of the sea, around a wash of distorted drums and surreal effects. The video, directed by Ben Snyder translates those vibes into a world of witchcraft and fire. The whole thing is just haunted AF, and a must-listen for fans of that classic goth sound. Turn the bright lights down low, turn the red lights up, and vibe out with “Copper Nebulas.”

Discussing this new project, Tasz said, “A B01 is a collection of Dark Love songs. It’s about finding support in places you least expect it. Sometimes you need to be uprooted from your current state. It’s about rebirth, the circle of life, the phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s about love and emotions, dealing with depression, and things I can’t say in conversation or express through other outlets. It’s about self-care, mental health, and personal growth. BLXPLTN is more outrospective, whereas A B01 is more introspective.”