our black digital faves react to ‘when i get home’

March 4, 2019

Forgive me, but I must ask you to open up your imaginations and picture a Black clapping hand emoji between these five very important words: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Lady Solange of the Knowles estate has dropped her latest record, When I Get Home, and has gone above and beyond to feed her millions of children (that would include you and me). Yes, the stars have aligned and the universe is in balance and we all have Solange to thank.

Her last record was a love letter to Black people; we decided to return the sentiment. Solange, we hope this makes you feel as warm and cared for as you’ve made us feel.

We asked some members of our wonderful AFROPUNK family to give us their first and honest reactions to When I Get Home. Why? Because letters from home are the best ones.


Solange is a gatekeeper of contemporary Afro futuristic artwork. She continually inspires me with he profoundly cinematic visual poetry and I always found myself having a coming of age with all of her bodies of music. These are the soundtracks to becoming a woman in a lot of ways.


Dear Solange,

Thank you.

Such a beautiful body of work.

She does no wrong.


Solange continues to evolve and it’s been beautiful to watch her share her gifts, her story, with us. Her art embodies the complexity and experimental nature of the lives we lead — she is at once Sol-Angel and The Hadley St. Dreams, True, A Seat At The Table, and now, we see another aspect of self-discovery and self-love in When I Get Home. This album is an experience, a full course, art to be felt and heard in its totality, not in pieces. 


This album proves that Solange is the essence of a free Artist. She sounds like she purely is making music for the art and beauty of it, without conforming to any norms or expectations. She is unapologetic. She expresses music as it comes to her. I admire the independence and freedom to be able to do that, and she has worked hard for it. Solange is a trendsetter and she will never cease to amaze us. 

Sonically, it follows what she has established with A Seat At The Table. The overall tone and production is true to what we can now call the Solange Sound. On When I Get Home, the songs have a looser form. The music is beautiful, groovy. The production is elaborate yet super simple. I’m a big fan of all of the keyboard sounds she chose! This is the type of album you can hear over and over and never get tired of. 

My favorites are Way to the Show, Stay Flo and Dreams.


When I get home is a VIBE – a gift for the culture <3 *black fist emoji*