nakhane mystifies in exquisite ‘new brighton’ video

March 6, 2019

As writers, we throw the word “ethereal” around like confetti at your friend’s third wedding, yet I am puzzled to realize that I barely grasped it in its entirety until I witnessed Nakhane Touré’s newly released New Brighton video. The singer/songwriter took to Twitter to share that the video was the first he has ever shot outside of his home country of South Africa. Nakhane shot on Kent Beach, known as one of the UK’s most breathtaking destinations with its limestone cliffs that reach for the heavens. The video was directed by IGGY LDN, who brings a soft and thoughtful aesthetic to Nakhane’s unrestrained and otherworldly energy.

That’s exactly where Nathan took us with a get-up inspired by your mother’s Sunday best if it was walking down the catwalks of Milan. The marriage of aesthetic and music creates a sensual, inviting and almost cosmically alluring affair, living in multiple times and places within its 3 minutes and 13 seconds. It is but a taste of a long, artistically satiating offering that we can look forward to from Nakhane.