when jamila woods was inspired by eartha kitt

March 19, 2019
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“Who gonna share my love for me with me?” is one strong lyric, reinforcing both a steely self-respect and an honest self-knowledge of the emotional spectrum bubbling inside. A beautiful mix of toughness and empathy.

In other words, it’s another sublimely worthy Jamila Woods lyric; and the energy-center of “EARTHA,” the newest single to drop from the Chicago singer/poet’s upcoming album, LEGACY! LEGACY!, whose every track is named after (and was inspired by) Black American cultural giants.

About “EARTHA,” which is obviously galvanized by the timeless soul of the divine Ms. Kitt, Woods writes: “‘Who gonna share my love for me with me?’ These are the thoughts that play in your head after an argument with your partner. These are the pages you write in your journal the next morning. This is everything you wish you could have said, or everything you’ve said a million times without it being heard. The moment you realize you are worthy of more. Inspired by the badass spirit and wisdom of Eartha Kitt.”

LEGACY! LEGACY! is set to drop in May on Jagjaguwar, in partnership with Closed Sessions