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wisconson gop refuse to honor colin kaepernick for bhm

February 14, 2019
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What is it about Colin Kaepernick that gets white people so upset?

The latest offender? The all white Wisconsin state GOP.  

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Rep. David Crowley drafted the state’s Black History Month measure honoring 20 prominent Black figures. The measure was all set to pass until the state’s Republican legislature objected to the inclusion of Milwaukee-born Kaepernick. The resolution was only passed after Democrats agreed to remove the NFL player.

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke explained that Wisconsin Republicans wouldn’t back any resolution that honored Kaepernick “for obvious reasons.” He didn’t expand on what that might be and it can only be assumed that he’s referring to Kap’s activism against racial injustice.

In addition to his work as an athlete, Crowley says he wanted to include Kap thanks to a $25,000 donation he made to Urban Underground, a non-profit that works with Wisconsin teens. Crowley called the Republican hissyfit  “a textbook example of white privilege.”

Sen. Lena Taylor, who co-wrote the legislation along with Crowley, accused the Republican legislature of censorship, telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “It’s outrageous that some Republicans feel they can censor African-American legislators in this way. So while we celebrate the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, evidently the Republicans don’t think the 1st Amendment rights should be afforded to African-Americans,” she continued.

This isn’t even the first time white Republicans in the state have objected to how their Black counterparts choose to celebrate Black History Month.

Last year,  Republican Rep. Scott Allen said he wouldn’t support the Black History Month resolution  because it didn’t include Black people from Wisconsin that he felt should be honored, like Sheriff David E. Clarke Jr.,Trump surrogate and  former Sheriff of Milwaukee Country. You’ll recall that under Clarke’s leadership as Sheriff, a mentally ill inmate died of dehydration after being held in solitary confinement for 7 days and denied water.