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we are ready for #whackhistorymonth, are you?

February 20, 2019
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Last May, Tierra Whack independently released her debut studio album Whack World. The record was widely celebrated, garnering critical acclaim and was nominated for a Best Music Video award at the Grammys. Not bad at all for a rising artist.

This week Whack released a new song called “Only Child” about dating someone whose selfish actions force you to ask them, “…You an only child?”

Funny and very real, like much of Whack’s music. Different from the 60-second songs on her debut album, this track is 3 entire minutes and 59 whole seconds. What did we do to deserve this blessing, and can we please have more?

Our prayers were quickly answered! In her interview with Beats 1, Whack revealed that she will be dropping one song a week as part of #whackhistorymonth and they are all “full songs.” Tierra Whack is a refreshingly creative force of nature.  It’s hard not to love an artist who so deeply and clearly respects and loves the art she creates.