Photo Credit: Catalina Xavlena


spellling hypnotizes with electro-pop glitch video

February 19, 2019

Prepare yourself for full immersion in electronica artist SPELLLING’s, latest visual “Under The Sun.” A hypnotizing melody flavored with galactic bleeps, zips and bonks, the visual feast is strangely reminiscent of a time long past — you know, like if the 80s happened in an alternate universe.

“Under The Sun” is both haunting and captivating, grabbing hold of your senses even if there is something a little dark about the fog growing around you. Also known as Chrystia Cabral, the Bay Area project draws inspiration from vintage pop, R&B, and even the fluid ambiance of jazz. “Under The Sun,” is the second cut from SPELLLING’s forthcoming album, Mazy Fly. It is marvelous.

Mazy Fly musically traverses the spaces between languid, honey-soaked vocals and distant angelic whispers, from thumping 808 club beats to crunching tape loops, and from silky, smooth R&B to whirling organ sonatas. “Under The Sun” is “is a cosmic prayer for good fortune,” says Cabral. “It celebrates the invisible energies that come together over time to create something radically new, like the birth of a star.”