sinkane invited ‘everybody’ to this eclectic-funk party

February 28, 2019

Yeasayer alum Sinkane is spreading love on his latest project, “Everybody.” A loved-up song of resilience and determination, “Everybody” is the first track from Sinkane’s just-announced new record Dépaysé. Born to Sudanese parents in London, raised in Ohio, the New York-based artist is best recognized for his world fusion of funk-rock, experimental electronica and Sudanese pop. Even if this is your first time encountering Sinkane, you’ll quickly fall for his infectious blend of international music and eclectic pop.

“Everybody” is utterly intoxicating in its vision of a future paved with love and positivity, as opposed to one that attempts to make what was never great, “great again.”

“Everybody” is “dedicated to the brave men, women and children fighting against oppression in places like Brazil, Sudan, and all over the world #تسقط_بس,” says Sinkane. Sink your teeth into the Rio de Janeiro-set, Bruno Ferreira-directed video below!