“hate you” by afropunk alum jpegmafia & health is a smash

February 22, 2019

Baltimore rapper JPEGMAFIA has a new track and visual out on industrial rock band HEALTH’s VOL 4: SLAVES OF FEAR. In this beautiful collaboration, Peggy raps over a sinister HEALTH instrumental. The song can be best described through the first line of the song “It’s life.” The language is loud, the visuals are disturbing and the song is called “HATE YOU.” We love it. 

This song criticizes and exposes the fake identities that many mainstream artists put on in the music industry. He questions the point of it all. Why tweet when you can rap? Why speak ill of each other for no reason? Like any great artist, JPEGMAFIA challenges the industry.  

I ain’t even gon speak on that

I ain’t even gon tweet, I’ll rap

These niggas be snitchin’ for nothin’

I can’t be shit with that

I know these industry niggas

They ain’t never seen no trap

Bitch, I know genuine niggas and they don’t fuckin’ rap

These niggas be built like gorillas but they can’t fuckin’ scrap

Continue on Peggy, we’re listening!