gemmel moore’s family files suit against ed buck and da

February 27, 2019

More news out of the Ed Buck story in L.A.

The family of Gemmel Moore is suing him with a wrongful-death lawsuit following his 2017 death at Buck’s home. According to Buck, Moore’s death was an accidental overdose which he had no part of. But according to documents, including a journal left by Moore, Buck used to shoot him up with meth and even introduced him to the drug. And what appeared to be a freak accident became something of a pattern when the body of a second Black man, Timothy Michael Dean, 55, was found at Buck’s home.

But Moore’s family isn’t letting this creepy f*ck get away with it. His mother LaTisha Nixon has openly criticized the lack of police effort to find someone guilty of her son’s death. “I just think they don’t care,” Nixon said of prosecutors and detectives who worked on the case.

And now, the wrongful-death suit she is bringing names Ed Buck, District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Deputy District Attorney Craig Hum as defendants, and it alleges wrongful death, sexual battery, hate violence, drug dealer liability, negligence, infliction of emotional distress, and two violations of civil rights. The case also accuses Buck of administering the drugs that killed Moore. We hope justice is swift.