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don cheadle was a real life superhero on ‘s and l’

February 18, 2019
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A simple gesture can be huge. Don Cheadle hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and reminded us what the word “great” really means.

Don championed for trans kids and poked fun at Trump through fashion — remember this is “S&L”. Often and recently, displays of defiance by celebrities resurfaces trauma without offering solution. The spews of woke words approved by the applause of a crowd can feel like emotional whiplash to the audience watching. Cheadle displayed his alliance to the marginalized through a fierce act of love.

While introducing musical guest Gary Clark Jr., Cheadle wore a Black t-shirt with white letters that read, “Protect Trans Kids.” He did not say anything about it, letting the shirt speak for itself. There was no question, no explanation, no nothing because there didn’t need to be.

The protection of our trans children, brothers and sisters should be a given. Their presence in this world (which is a big presence and by no means a new one) should be normalized. It didn’t hurt that Cheadle paired his shirt with a Sleeping Giants (a campaign to make bigotry and sexism less profitable) hat. More than just putting on an outfit, Cheadle used his platform to positively impact the trajectory of many lives. “Protect Trans Kids” is something society needs to hear and repeat. These kids and their parents saw an ally in Don last night. Viewers saw a familiar face they love tell them to step up.


Yes, Don Cheadle is a serious human rights activist, but lest we forget he is saucy and funny as hell, too. Cheadle had an outfit change for the goodbyes at the end of the show. In very high demand now, he wore a Soviet Union x Trump 45 jersey made in a deep MAGA-hat red. We love a creative, detail-oriented, worldwide display of petty. People on social media have been asking Cheadle where they can purchase the jersey to which he has responded, “stand by…”

Hats off to you for being petty with a purpose.

Do yourself a favor and check out Don’s episode of SNL.